Welcome to Future Learning

Since the 90s, the India success story has been an exciting one, offering India’s young population myriad opportunities to ride the waves of growth. The retail and service sector in particular, has reshaped the urban landscape, and is making rapid inroads into the once sleepy interiors of the nation.

For 15 years, Future Group, India’s largest retail company, serving customers in 93 cities and 60 rural locations, has been at the forefront of these phenomenal changes, particularly in the retail sector. With this hard-earned experience came understanding of the multiple challenges involved in sustaining and fine-tuning the growth and development of retail. Out of that understanding, Future Learning was born – it is the Group’s pioneering initiative in education, learning and skills development.

Established in 2008 and headquartered in Mumbai, Future Learning has two well equipped learning centres in Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

organisational solutions

Through Organisational Solutions arm of Future Learning, our constant endeavour is to work closely with you to provide effective performance enhancing people-centric solutions to meet your unique needs.

skill development and employability

The Govt of India has a vision to make India the hub of skilled talent in order to gain global competitive advantage. It has entered into a strategic partnership with Future Group and other corporates. The partnership with Future Group is managed by Future Learning through the following: Future Sharp Skills Limited, Future Livelihood Skills and Project J&K Udaan